Dollar shave club review

I hesitated to post this since it isnt totally fashion related, but then I realized that your hair and skin situation can have a pretty big impact on your outfit options  (God knows how many times I have ran to the bathroom to shave my legs as fast as possible to throw a skirt on )

So here it is, my totally honest review of the dollar shave club.

To start, let me tell you I have always been terrible when it comes to shaving. Not just because I cant seem to master making kid’s breakfast, lunch, my breakfast, walking the dog, brushing my teeth, drying my hair and shaving all at the exact same time in the morning, but because I’ve just never been good at it.

Despite the money I throw down at the store on the best bright pink , smoothing, bending, transformer of a razor they have to offer I still end up with bumps, more bumps, and an embarrassing amount of knicks considering Im a grown-ass woman and should really be able to shave blindfolded by now.

Turns out I was just in one bad razor relationship after another.

The only reason I even bothered to try this very non-exciting looking razor out was because I had a code for a totally free box and my wallet found that pretty exciting. I fully intended to cancel long before I would pay for another shipment .

Then this simple box appeared with some witty reading material, a handle, and a few razors.  I took a shower, stepped out and tossed every single other shaving device I had collected into the trash proclaiming, “Turns out, it’s not me, it’s you!!”

The razor is perfection. I don’t know why or how, but clearly they coat the blades in a thin layer of magic. I have done nothing different, I still shave like a mad woman running late for everything who is just desperate to wear a cute dress but my skin is fantastic. NO BUMPS. NONE. Im not even exaggerating that – there are no bumps. No stray hairs that escaped their fate, no cuts, nothing. Just smooth skin.

Needless to say Im hooked for life. It’s pretty cheap too actually, which is nice. I pay $9 a month for the Executive Razor but they have plans at low as a buck a month. Get enough blades to change it every week, and they just appear in the mail at the perfect time.

So thanks Dollar Shave Club for getting me out of bad razor relationships.

If you want magic coated razors delivered to you, you can use this link for a $5 credit for you and a credit for me – win, win.  Once you sign up, you get your own link too, so you can share the love and get credit towards your future orders.

Have you tired dollar shave club yet?  let me know what you think, and if you are as hooked as I am.


Hot mess… fashion adventures in muddin’

Muddin’: driving whatever you got outside, through deceivingly deep, long pits of mud and hopefully not getting stuck.  


But wait… What do you wear!?!? 

When you walk in your closet in the morning and great all the gorgeousness you have hanging up, it’s hard to say “Why Hello cute shirt, its time to get caked in rather stinky mud, then walk around the mountains in it and sit on whatever I can find with the hopes that you wont tear . After that, your destined for the hot wash on the  “seriously scrub this” cycle ..and you still better look cute! ” 

If clothes could faint..they would have. 

BUT there is hope.  You need a fabulous shirt that can take on anything? The answer is Fox Racing.  I know, they can be a little pricey, but I live in the sale section in stores and online (like at where a great top can cost 15-20 bucks  and its worth every penny. I have three fox shirts and have put them all through clothes worst nightmares and they still look great. One of these shirts is even four years old and looks like I just bought it. (despite the pain I put it through) 

I have covered these shirts in mud, I’ve taken them dirt biking, shooting, hiking, climbing , I even crashed a mountain bike in them.. I got injured…my shirt did not. Fox is so much more then a cute trendy line, they really hold up.

For my fashion adventure, I chose a black tank (because black goes with everything, even mud.)  and some fabulous jeans I got from forever 21. 

I am so in love with Forever21, and since the nearest one is a two hour drive from my house, I live on their website. At first, I was nervous ordering jeans online, but there’s  fit exactly like they say they will.  (and they have a great return policy just in case) You can get jeans off their site for as low as 7 dollars and you’ll get compliments on them like they cost you 70. 

At first I grabbed my Forever 21 jeans because if I did ruin them, they are not expensive. Turns out they are pretty tough. I’m actually wearing them today and they look like I just bought them. My jeans got soaked (and for those who have never had the pleasure of wet jeans, they can stretch.. a lot, so I was afraid they’d never fit again)  When the mud dried, I scraped off the big pieces with a rock, and carried on. I was up and down, sitting in everything from gravel to grass, and climbing trees, and after a round in the washer; the jeans still look great, still fit great, and are ready to go again! 


But what about shoes?  Well, this fashion adventure called for nothing but  a good pedicure. Sometimes, barefoot can be as cute as even the most fab pair of heels you got.  

So that’s it, a down to earth fashion adventure, that put some clothes to the test. Got any mud worthy finds to share? I’d love to hear about it!!