It is finally fall! Here  in Colorado that means you spend one day getting a tan in the 80 degree sunshine and the next day shoveling snow,  but soon each and every day will be crisp and cool.

And you know what the best part of that is?  (besides pumpkin spice lattes)


If you do not own a pair of fuzzy boots, I recommend you stop reading and fix that immediately..seriously..what are you waiting for?

I love fuzzy boots. Everyone loves fuzzy boots.  I have been staring at mine all summer, longing to wear them again and today its finally cold enough ! I use to hate the cold, now I count down the days to it…thats how amazing fuzzy boots are.

To be totally honest I buy at least 4 pairs a season, so I have tried pretty much every brand out there and I can say JustFab is the only place I will buy them from now on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of Uggs, and deep down inside I would love to drop an entire paycheck on a pair of pink fluff mammas.. but I gotta keep the lights on and feed the cats instead.   I do have two pairs of uggs and more pairs of JustFab’s fuzzies line than I can count. Ill be honest, there is zero difference when it comes to look and comfort. None. And for a quarter of the price, you can feed your fuzzies obsession with JustFab boots.

Ive also found the JustFab ones are really easy to clean, which I do often because I get mine wet and muddy all the time, and they are so comfortable you’ll want to live in them. The only problem is you have to go take them back from your friends’ houses when they come over with cold feet and steal your shoes 🙂

Heres a few of my favs they’ve rolled out this season (and if you want to score a pair half off –  making them around $20 – use this link )