The one fashion rule you should NEVER break

The fashion world always has rumors of rules swirling around, and even more rumors about which rules were meant to be broken. However, there is one fashion rule you should never break. Ever.

It’s a simple one:

If you want to wear something, wear it.

Throw out any idea that you are too big, too little, too short, too tall, too old, too young, too whatever and just wear what makes YOU happy.

Thats what fashion is about – YOU!. It is your body, your clothes, your money, your time. You control your wardrobe and dont let ANYONE let you believe otherwise.

So tell any voices in your head to shove it when they whisper doubts to you about not being able to pull something off.

Want to wear heels? WEAR THEM

Your husband’ jeans? PUT THEM ON

That bikini? HELL YES!

A gown with a denim jacket? DO IT!!

Black everything?  Ohhh yes!


You are beautiful enough. You are the right size, the right height, the right everything.  So don’t wait, grab whatever makes you happy and rock it.

Id love to see just how fabulous you look, so dont be afraid to share a picture or let us know what that one thing you’ve been dying to wear is!




It is finally fall! Here  in Colorado that means you spend one day getting a tan in the 80 degree sunshine and the next day shoveling snow,  but soon each and every day will be crisp and cool.

And you know what the best part of that is?  (besides pumpkin spice lattes)


If you do not own a pair of fuzzy boots, I recommend you stop reading and fix that immediately..seriously..what are you waiting for?

I love fuzzy boots. Everyone loves fuzzy boots.  I have been staring at mine all summer, longing to wear them again and today its finally cold enough ! I use to hate the cold, now I count down the days to it…thats how amazing fuzzy boots are.

To be totally honest I buy at least 4 pairs a season, so I have tried pretty much every brand out there and I can say JustFab is the only place I will buy them from now on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of Uggs, and deep down inside I would love to drop an entire paycheck on a pair of pink fluff mammas.. but I gotta keep the lights on and feed the cats instead.   I do have two pairs of uggs and more pairs of JustFab’s fuzzies line than I can count. Ill be honest, there is zero difference when it comes to look and comfort. None. And for a quarter of the price, you can feed your fuzzies obsession with JustFab boots.

Ive also found the JustFab ones are really easy to clean, which I do often because I get mine wet and muddy all the time, and they are so comfortable you’ll want to live in them. The only problem is you have to go take them back from your friends’ houses when they come over with cold feet and steal your shoes 🙂

Heres a few of my favs they’ve rolled out this season (and if you want to score a pair half off –  making them around $20 – use this link )


















Don’t be afraid to open up

The snow may be falling, but don’t let the fact that your freezer is warmer than the weather stop you from showing a little skin!
Just for clarification, this does NOT mean that you should be strutting your stuff during a blizzard rocking short-shorts and uggs.

Seriously. Just don’t. 

Instead, pull on an oh-so-cozy open back sweater. Open back shirts sweaters are a fabulous way to break free from
being constantly covered up by winter clothes without freezing to death. They can be delicate and sweet or crazy sexy without making you look like you forgot it spring isn’t here yet.

The best part about open-backs is you can show off your gorgeous back or pair them with fun bright colored tanks to make a whole new look.

Victoria’s Secret has perfected the open back. They have tops, dresses and sweaters to die for. I picked up this number here from  their 2/$40 section:



Even got the yellow tank to match (on clearance!).  Its durable, it’s warm and oh-so cute. 

If your feeling crafty, a quick search on pinterest will reveal tons of DIY’s for making your own open back sweater for my favorite price:free. I haven’t tried one yet, but I think it may be time to grab a bottle of wine and get my craft on. If you’ve DIYed an open back, I’d love to see it! 

and if your still not sure about this open-back idea, here’s a little fashion porn to inspire you..






Have a one night stand with a designer dress

As a military wife, I go to a lot of balls. Whoever decided it is absolutely necessary to dress like royalty and then  wine, dine and dance the night away  is a genius.

If you’ve ever headed to a ball, an elegant wedding or even a fancy five-star dinner you may have noticed that dressing like a princess is hard to do without any old family money to dip into.

So what do you do when you need a fabulous designer dress for a night? RENT IT!

If you live in a big city, call around to designer stores – odds are some of them lend out clothing for a fee.

If you’re like me and the nearest high-end store is more than a full gas tank away, check out sites like

Thanks to the internet, you can have gorgeous designer pieces delivered to your door when you need them at a FRACTION of the cost. (I was browsing today and saw dresses costing nearly $1000 for rent for around  $100, and some dresses renting as low as $50)

Lets be honest, most gorgeous gowns get worn once and then spend a lifetime in the closet, so why splurge on something you’re going to tuck away? Wearing your dream dress for a night – for a price that leave you able to buy a few extra glasses of wine -will make you feel like Cinderella (and you get to look fabulous way past midnight). So give your budget a break and try renting for your next big event!

Have you rented ?

Go Nerd or Go Home

Glasses are hot.

Seriously, I’ll never understand those teeny-bopper movies where the dorky girl removes her glasses and BAMN she is gorgeous. You shouldn’t be tossing glasses to the side. They are in, they are sexy and big black frames have gone high-fashion!

Even if you don’t need glasses to see, you still need some black frames! I picked up a fabulously affordable pair on Amazon (only $8 bucks…just do a quick search on their site) and they are great.  Can’t wait for shipping? Check out a Target or Walmart and you can probably find a thrifty pair. I’d been wearing them all day when a family friend said, “I’m pretty sure your eyesight is just fine, why are you wearing glasses?”

“Because,” I said, “they’re fabulous.”

She then said what you can expect to hear from non-fashionistas everywhere.. “but you don’t need to wear them”

Well guess what. You don’t NEED makeup, you don’t NEED heels, you don’t NEED  that incredibly gorgeous dress you saw on sale the other day…oh wait YES YOU DO!

Fashion is about wearing what make you happy and right now nerd glasses = happiness. It’s amazing how much a pair of frames can change your whole look. 

Try some nerd glasses next time you want to look oh-so-hot and casual or make a statement at your next meeting.

Here’s some big black frames to inspire you:








Pull it up to pull it off

As cold weather rolls in, you don’t need to bury your skirts away until spring. Skirts have become essentials for fun, flirty winter-time looks.

Tights and a skirt is a given. It’s cute, fun and shows the world that you’re aware your tights are not pants. (let’s repeat that: tights are NOT pants ) For the extra blistery nights, switch out the tights for some cozy leggings and you’re still looking fabulous.

But what about your longer skirts?

Knee-length skirts paired with leggings can be bit on the frumpy side, so how do you wear them without freezing? Easy, pull it up!

Grab that skirt and bring it up to just under your chest (or wherever you like) tuck in a cute shirt, add a belt and BAM: instant adorable.  Pair it with a pair of amazing leggings and you’re ready to head out. You’ll look and feel like you just bought a brand new outfit.

Need to hit the shops to get this look? Victorias secret 2/$40 tops are PERFECT for this (and they are having holiday sales right now) And I love Kohls for skirts. They all carry different stuff, but are worth checking out.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you going: (my photos and reviews will be back as soon as the camera is back from getting repairs!) 



The Big “O” …..Ombré .

Ombre is defined by Merriam-Webster as: an old three-handed card game popular in Europe especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Damn American keyboards.. its actually ombré  but luckily no one cares about olds cards… so if you are not completely obsessed with ombré already, you can run on over to Pinterest and type it however you want to see just how badly everything you own needs to be dyed.

Ombré makes everything better. Seriously. Your hair is kinda a drag? Ombré. You have no idea why you actually own plain white t-shirts? Ombré.  You want to wear sweet girly colors and still look fierce? Ombré.

Ombré.Ombré. Ombré. Did I mentioned I’m obsessed?

One of the fun things about living so high above the shore line, is that yesterday its was 70 degrees out  and today its 36.  But that doesn’t mean summer’s cute shorts and skirts need to disappear into the depths of closet., it means I’m heading straight to American Eagle to spend ten bucks on a pair of ombré tights!

How perfect are those? I’ll let you know if they are as great in person as they look online!

And just because, here’s a little ombré porn to get your dye juices flowing.

you can find these at free the people

dress by

if only we could all have purple hair

Ombré hair is amazing. . but please, let it be a gradual color change like these lovely locks. not dying your  roots for 6 months isn’t ombré  …it’s ugly.

Have some ombré obsession to share? Please do below!!!