The one fashion rule you should NEVER break

The fashion world always has rumors of rules swirling around, and even more rumors about which rules were meant to be broken. However, there is one fashion rule you should never break. Ever.

It’s a simple one:

If you want to wear something, wear it.

Throw out any idea that you are too big, too little, too short, too tall, too old, too young, too whatever and just wear what makes YOU happy.

Thats what fashion is about – YOU!. It is your body, your clothes, your money, your time. You control your wardrobe and dont let ANYONE let you believe otherwise.

So tell any voices in your head to shove it when they whisper doubts to you about not being able to pull something off.

Want to wear heels? WEAR THEM

Your husband’ jeans? PUT THEM ON

That bikini? HELL YES!

A gown with a denim jacket? DO IT!!

Black everything?  Ohhh yes!


You are beautiful enough. You are the right size, the right height, the right everything.  So don’t wait, grab whatever makes you happy and rock it.

Id love to see just how fabulous you look, so dont be afraid to share a picture or let us know what that one thing you’ve been dying to wear is!



The Big “O” …..Ombré .

Ombre is defined by Merriam-Webster as: an old three-handed card game popular in Europe especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Damn American keyboards.. its actually ombré  but luckily no one cares about olds cards… so if you are not completely obsessed with ombré already, you can run on over to Pinterest and type it however you want to see just how badly everything you own needs to be dyed.

Ombré makes everything better. Seriously. Your hair is kinda a drag? Ombré. You have no idea why you actually own plain white t-shirts? Ombré.  You want to wear sweet girly colors and still look fierce? Ombré.

Ombré.Ombré. Ombré. Did I mentioned I’m obsessed?

One of the fun things about living so high above the shore line, is that yesterday its was 70 degrees out  and today its 36.  But that doesn’t mean summer’s cute shorts and skirts need to disappear into the depths of closet., it means I’m heading straight to American Eagle to spend ten bucks on a pair of ombré tights!

How perfect are those? I’ll let you know if they are as great in person as they look online!

And just because, here’s a little ombré porn to get your dye juices flowing.

you can find these at free the people

dress by

if only we could all have purple hair

Ombré hair is amazing. . but please, let it be a gradual color change like these lovely locks. not dying your  roots for 6 months isn’t ombré  …it’s ugly.

Have some ombré obsession to share? Please do below!!!