Dollar shave club review

I hesitated to post this since it isnt totally fashion related, but then I realized that your hair and skin situation can have a pretty big impact on your outfit options  (God knows how many times I have ran to the bathroom to shave my legs as fast as possible to throw a skirt on )

So here it is, my totally honest review of the dollar shave club.

To start, let me tell you I have always been terrible when it comes to shaving. Not just because I cant seem to master making kid’s breakfast, lunch, my breakfast, walking the dog, brushing my teeth, drying my hair and shaving all at the exact same time in the morning, but because I’ve just never been good at it.

Despite the money I throw down at the store on the best bright pink , smoothing, bending, transformer of a razor they have to offer I still end up with bumps, more bumps, and an embarrassing amount of knicks considering Im a grown-ass woman and should really be able to shave blindfolded by now.

Turns out I was just in one bad razor relationship after another.

The only reason I even bothered to try this very non-exciting looking razor out was because I had a code for a totally free box and my wallet found that pretty exciting. I fully intended to cancel long before I would pay for another shipment .

Then this simple box appeared with some witty reading material, a handle, and a few razors.  I took a shower, stepped out and tossed every single other shaving device I had collected into the trash proclaiming, “Turns out, it’s not me, it’s you!!”

The razor is perfection. I don’t know why or how, but clearly they coat the blades in a thin layer of magic. I have done nothing different, I still shave like a mad woman running late for everything who is just desperate to wear a cute dress but my skin is fantastic. NO BUMPS. NONE. Im not even exaggerating that – there are no bumps. No stray hairs that escaped their fate, no cuts, nothing. Just smooth skin.

Needless to say Im hooked for life. It’s pretty cheap too actually, which is nice. I pay $9 a month for the Executive Razor but they have plans at low as a buck a month. Get enough blades to change it every week, and they just appear in the mail at the perfect time.

So thanks Dollar Shave Club for getting me out of bad razor relationships.

If you want magic coated razors delivered to you, you can use this link for a $5 credit for you and a credit for me – win, win.  Once you sign up, you get your own link too, so you can share the love and get credit towards your future orders.

Have you tired dollar shave club yet?  let me know what you think, and if you are as hooked as I am.



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