5 ways to wear flannel this fall

You probably don’t need me to tell you how perfectly flannel shirts and fall go together, so lets cut to the chase – how to wear them.  They are so versatile and can be dressed up, dressed down and put to work. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to style flannel this fall:

#1  The flannel “cardigan”

Ok, it isnt a sweater – wear it like one anyway . Do up a few buttons or leave them all undone, and when the sun comes out just tie your shirt around your waist. The best part about this is that flannel around your waist has managed to stay cool for decades, because it just looks so much better than a tied sweater ever could.

Image result for flannel tied around waist  Image result


#2 Over a dress

WHAT!? I’ll be honest I just saw someone doing this for the first time a few weeks a go and I instantly bowed down before her fashion greatness. It is trendy, cool and I wish I could say I thought of it.

Image result for flannel over dress

3# With a whole lot of skirt.

maxi skirts, tulle skirts, the skirts the little girl inside you who wanted to be a princess was dying to wear as a grown up but you just couldnt work into your wardrobe for pumpkin spice latte  dates… those skirts are everything with a flannel top.

Image result for tulle skirt flannel shirt Image result for maxi and flannel

#2  With jeans

Easy, casual, adorable and perfect for when you are outside enjoying the changing leaves, getting pumpkins, or sitting by the fire pit.

Image result for flannel and jeans

#1 with leggings

Most peoples go to look for fall is leggings, boots and a flannel  for good reason. This country look is so cute and so comfortable .  Im pretty positive flannel and leggings are soul mates, so don’t keep them apart any longer.

Image result for flannel leggings


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