The Big “O” …..Ombré .

Ombre is defined by Merriam-Webster as: an old three-handed card game popular in Europe especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Damn American keyboards.. its actually ombré  but luckily no one cares about olds cards… so if you are not completely obsessed with ombré already, you can run on over to Pinterest and type it however you want to see just how badly everything you own needs to be dyed.

Ombré makes everything better. Seriously. Your hair is kinda a drag? Ombré. You have no idea why you actually own plain white t-shirts? Ombré.  You want to wear sweet girly colors and still look fierce? Ombré.

Ombré.Ombré. Ombré. Did I mentioned I’m obsessed?

One of the fun things about living so high above the shore line, is that yesterday its was 70 degrees out  and today its 36.  But that doesn’t mean summer’s cute shorts and skirts need to disappear into the depths of closet., it means I’m heading straight to American Eagle to spend ten bucks on a pair of ombré tights!

How perfect are those? I’ll let you know if they are as great in person as they look online!

And just because, here’s a little ombré porn to get your dye juices flowing.

you can find these at free the people

dress by

if only we could all have purple hair

Ombré hair is amazing. . but please, let it be a gradual color change like these lovely locks. not dying your  roots for 6 months isn’t ombré  …it’s ugly.

Have some ombré obsession to share? Please do below!!!

fashion funk

We all have those days where you walk into the closet and decide it’s just not worth getting changed.  Today, I’m having one of those days. I blame yoga pants.

When you own a fabulous pair of yoga pants its all too easy to get sucked into a fashion funk. You look in the mirror and think, “This is good enough, everyone will just think I’m heading to the gym and, besides, my ass looks great.”

And yes, your ass does look great in yoga pants, but that’s no excuse to live life in your gym clothes.  

Sometimes it takes a lot of inspiration to get excited about your closet again, and  I have found Polyvore is the perfect muse.

I’ll admit, the first time someone told me about Polyvore I thought it sounded ridiculous. Why would I want to virtually play with clothes I don’t have? Then I checked it out and realized I do have them and I was hooked. It doesn’t matter if the clothes aren’t an exact match to what you have, because its all about the inspiration. You can mix and match combinations you’ve only dreamed of without putting a wrinkle in your closet. Who knew a lace skirt and a sweater could be so cute?? Just how many outfits will look fabulous with knee-high boots this fall? Why don’t I wear more pink and grey?

Polyvore will get your fashion juices flowing and before you know it you’ll be back in the closet mixing and matching your own pieces to look even better than your boards.

Not feeling creative? browse! Personally, I love to get on Pinterest, type “polyvore” in the search bar and see what magic the internet provides. 

So here’s a few boards I found that got me to dress with a purpose today and hopefully you can find a little inspiration in them too  🙂 (i wish i could link the photos to their polyvore creators but I was saving them in my “inspiration” folder on my desktop for personal use and then a few hours later realized I should share them with you! )





Know some great people to follow or have an awesome board to share?? I’d love to see it!