Hot mess… fashion adventures in muddin’

Muddin’: driving whatever you got outside, through deceivingly deep, long pits of mud and hopefully not getting stuck.  


But wait… What do you wear!?!? 

When you walk in your closet in the morning and great all the gorgeousness you have hanging up, it’s hard to say “Why Hello cute shirt, its time to get caked in rather stinky mud, then walk around the mountains in it and sit on whatever I can find with the hopes that you wont tear . After that, your destined for the hot wash on the  “seriously scrub this” cycle ..and you still better look cute! ” 

If clothes could faint..they would have. 

BUT there is hope.  You need a fabulous shirt that can take on anything? The answer is Fox Racing.  I know, they can be a little pricey, but I live in the sale section in stores and online (like at where a great top can cost 15-20 bucks  and its worth every penny. I have three fox shirts and have put them all through clothes worst nightmares and they still look great. One of these shirts is even four years old and looks like I just bought it. (despite the pain I put it through) 

I have covered these shirts in mud, I’ve taken them dirt biking, shooting, hiking, climbing , I even crashed a mountain bike in them.. I got injured…my shirt did not. Fox is so much more then a cute trendy line, they really hold up.

For my fashion adventure, I chose a black tank (because black goes with everything, even mud.)  and some fabulous jeans I got from forever 21. 

I am so in love with Forever21, and since the nearest one is a two hour drive from my house, I live on their website. At first, I was nervous ordering jeans online, but there’s  fit exactly like they say they will.  (and they have a great return policy just in case) You can get jeans off their site for as low as 7 dollars and you’ll get compliments on them like they cost you 70. 

At first I grabbed my Forever 21 jeans because if I did ruin them, they are not expensive. Turns out they are pretty tough. I’m actually wearing them today and they look like I just bought them. My jeans got soaked (and for those who have never had the pleasure of wet jeans, they can stretch.. a lot, so I was afraid they’d never fit again)  When the mud dried, I scraped off the big pieces with a rock, and carried on. I was up and down, sitting in everything from gravel to grass, and climbing trees, and after a round in the washer; the jeans still look great, still fit great, and are ready to go again! 


But what about shoes?  Well, this fashion adventure called for nothing but  a good pedicure. Sometimes, barefoot can be as cute as even the most fab pair of heels you got.  

So that’s it, a down to earth fashion adventure, that put some clothes to the test. Got any mud worthy finds to share? I’d love to hear about it!!  



Did you just get that brand new blazer for 5 bucks? OH YES.

While hunting down some fabulous mud-friendly clothes for this weeks mountain adventure, I was browsing my favorite eBay user’s stores when  a friend leaned over my shoulder and muttered, “Are you seriously on eBay?”

“Yes.” I said and kept scrolling.

“Is your next blog about dressing like my Dad?” She asked, “Cuz he shops there too”

There was a long pause while I imagined slapping her with my laptop, but the as the warranty has expired, I decided to just show her how wrong she was about the land of online auctions.

eBay is awesome. Yes, there’s the big shops on there (did I mention Coach is selling brand new bags for 70% off today on their eBay store? go now, read this later.. I totally understand ) but the real steals are in user shops.  There you will find the fashion crusaders. People who get their hands on brand new, with tags, gorgeous ,fashions and then list them for $0.99.  Type whatever you can’t live without in the search bar and someone will have it, and probably for a great deal. .and as you find your favorite places to be you can save their stores to your favorites to make it easier.

Here’s a quick example just to drive the point home . If you have ever browsed the fashions on, odds are you’ve seen this pin a few times:


I know… I’d be smiling in that outfit too.  (and yes high altitude heels is on pinterest : lets follow each other in fashion)

The blazer is by LoveTree and  their blazers cost between 60 and 80 dollars.  If you just said “Oh, that’s it?!”  they have a great online shop. But if, like me, your drinking your home-brewed coffee saying, “I’d love it ,  but I need gas and that’s what it costs to fill my tank…”  then I say, EBAY!!!

Yes, I bought the blazer, it arrived brand new, unopened wrapped in plastic with the cost me five dollars. I’ll say it one more time… five dollars.

and no you don’t need to hunt and hunt and hunt eBay, a few minutes of looking and you will see it’s the place to be. A few words of experience though:

1. Know your measurements. any good seller will list measurements for an item in the item description.

2. Only pay with Paypal. I’ve been lucky to never have a problem, but their are people in the world who want to take your lunch money, Paypal is the big brother who takes it back.

Here’s a few of my favorite places to shop to get you started, but do look around the rest of auction-land. There’s so much to see. (and just so you know I’m not ranting about my own listings, my ebay name is KatieTheRoo, I only sell a few things to make space and use the money to shop at the places below! )

1. seller: fabulousfashiontrader . The name says it all. This fashion crusader models everything, has all sizes, lists measurements, accepts returns and most stuff is brand new, and there’s more clothes added each day.  has a 99.9% positive rating and I buy from here all the time. (as a matter of fact, that gorgeous pink blazer came from her shop!!!)  check her stuff out here

2.eBay Outlets: Do you love the outlet mall? You should. But unfortunately we all don’t live next to one. So there’s eBay outlets. Not everything on eBay is an auction, there’s great discounted items you can just buy at the price they are listed at. All the deals the outlet stores have, but delivered to your door. Oh yes.

3.seller: luckystore10 . Based in China, luckystore10 has hundreds of items, and free shipping on all of them! 50,000 reviewers can be wrong. A full range prices, but has incredible tops for just a few dollars.  Everything from dresses, to shoes, to bags you can find here. May take a little longer to get to you, but fabulous is worth the wait.

Now looking at all these pages to get the links, has reminded me I have a fashion adventure to be shopping for. . so I’m getting back to it!  Know any great eBay sellers? let me know below!

Flash Flood Fabulous


As you may already know, my dear state of Colorado is under water. I happen to be lucky enough to be far away from the worst of it, but there are still flash floods n sink holes a plenty and when it rains all week you learn something about floods: Unless your swimming, life goes on. But how can you be expected to venture out in the downpour and still look fabulous?  No, rain boots are not the answer. My 2 year old niece looks incredible in here polka dot-plastic-handle boots, but grown,fabulously-fierce women should aim a little higher..thigh-high!!! Deep down inside everyone loves a thigh-high boot, so why not where them!? Slip on a pair and you will see.. they are amazing,! Thigh-highs take any outfit from plain jane to fashionista. Your legs look great, they demand attention, and are a great statement piece.

While there’s no shortage of thigh-high boots to choose from, this week I put JustFab’s boot “Freda” to the high altitude test. With a $39.95  price tag, you get a lot of boot for your buck. I wore this gorgeous (surprisingly comfortable) boot in the worst of the worst here, getting absolutely drenched, sloshing through six inches of water and sprinting across parking lots  and every time came home with dry feet and boots that still looked perfect.  I managed to cover my boots in some funky-colored muck from the flood waters and they cleaned up with a quick rub of towel.  (If you can not live another moment with your own Freda’s click here or Just go to… the first link is me shamelessly hoping for free shoe credit to test out more items from their budget friendly shop)


Had to wait for the sun to take photos…while the boots survived the rains, the camera would not!

I paired my thigh-highs with leggings simply because soaking wet jeans are torture to wear all day. I found mine on in their 2 for $40 section . This is GREAT because I paired the leggings with fabulous tunic tops (yes tops, because when its this wet you have to change twenty times a day instead of the usual ten) and  everything I’ve gotten there has always held up to everything I put it through, with the added perk of being so comfortable I felt like I was wearing my pajamas all day. . and honestly I’ve slept in their leggings and tunics before so I kinda was.

If your not underwater and need a little more inspiration to enter the world of thigh-highs heres a little outfit inspiration:Image

Image you hear that? It’s the sound of your skinny jeans begging for some new boots


the perfect way to bring your shorts into the cooler weather.

If you don’t have a pair of thigh-high boots go try them and you will never look back!

SO now that the rains are subsiding there is a new problem . . mud. Normally, you think you could just avoid it but here we hunt it down. The second the water stops falling the men in this town loud up their SUV’s and get down and dirty. So you can be down and dirty or home alone. SO this weeks high altitude adventure? Dirty Dates. Everyone’s hotter with a little mudd.



Fashions forgotten and new adventures.

Fashions forgotten and new adventures.

Is it just me or has the world of fashion seem to have forgotten about those of us way up high? Having an amazing closet on a budget is hard enough, but add some altitude to the problem and it becomes a whole new challenge. Here our cowgirl boots are actually going to get dirty, your holey jeans didn’t come with the holes pre-made, your stilettos have to put up with some major walking, and your beautiful outfit needs to be ready for the weather to change at least three times before you get back home. I know, I know there’s plenty of stores that tailor to “mountain fashion” and while they have some very functional pieces, camouflage just isn’t my color.

That said, today I am starting on a new adventure (wanna come?) to hunt down the tight-budget-friendly, elements resisting fashion finds available . I say If your pushing your car outta the mud, why can’t you look hot doing it? I’m going to put them through their paces and see if pieces can hold up to the high altitude challenges that fashion week never imagined.

This week I’m after rain-friendly fashion. Not normal rain, its been raining for four days straight here in Colorado, and many people are walking in it because roads have washed away all over the place and less then a mile from where I’m sitting was a park yesterday, but now its a 15 inch deep lake. But despite the flood waters, life goes on and the drowned rat look is not cute and running from a flash flood is no excuse not to be fabulous.

up next: fabulous flood wear 🙂